I am alone in my house.

Like last year, every weekend in this Ramadhan I will be A.L.O.N.E again, while my housemates were & will be going back home spending time with their family. I will celebrate Aidilfitri in KL too this time, maybe. Hmph… Nevermind. I still got company from HIM.

On another side, my friend here likes to create so many draft, but only few are being posted. Most of the entries contain hidden messages. I followed not all, but many of the entries and yeah, title & body is different in normal view… We have to be like the writer to understand the hidden messages. While I am different, in the ways that my entries are straight forward for both title & body… to know the hidden messages, please “Come & get me” if you can. Just like in this post!

Happily used to be like this, like last year Ramadhan, our status is fasting also. Means that; “Please, respect this month. We will not contacting each other until the end of Ramadhan“.

Ok. End of story.

Do you know where Yahoo! put their “Yahooooooooo~” song?
It’s the same place I put mine. There’s only one ‘that’ in this post.

4 comments so far

  1. mutiara on

    hmm..kenapa tak pulang je ke kampung? 🙂

    • aMeL on

      koje la kak… pastu nak balik, pergi saje 4 jam perjalanan tu~ nak jadikan 2 jam nanti ramai yg marah pulak.

  2. ummi on

    ckp omputih sekarang….ehem ehem

    • aMeL on

      eh, akak… dari dulu saya dah cakap omputih kot.. tak ingt ke masa muda-muda kat sosc? heh!

      doakan hajat saya dipermudahkan ye kak….

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