GE Evolution

Named from a rare & valuable quartz,

the diamond where aurora’s particle ray will emerges when it shines,

the only monster that have Emerald body from mouth tip to tail.


The Third Generation Legendary Monster

Why am I writing about the monster? Because it fits me:

Emerald = Dark but Shiny GREEN = My colour.

3rd Generation = My generation.

And, I just received something that am I going to keep it for my whole life (insyaAllah),

something embedded with beautifully shaped ellipse Emerald stone on top of it.

Shiny & gorgeous! Thanks to –You– and you.

The monster above does not evolve, but…

My status evolved!


5 comments so far

  1. mutiara on

    Mabruk ‘alaik! congrats..happy for u dik~

    • aMeL on

      wah! ngapa’in ini? faham maksud disebalik entri ini?

  2. aini on

    saya dah nampak!

    • aMeL on

      pe dia?

  3. aini on

    ‘u know, i know, & they know’ je la~

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