What Your Feet Are Trying To Tell You


Everyone wants to be fit and in good health, but did you know that your feet can help to keep you healthy?

Cold Feet

Men’s feet tend to be warmer than women’s, however extremes of coldness or warmth should not be ignored. If you suffer from feet that are constantly cold, this may be due to an under-active thyroid, while hot and sweaty feet might be due to an overactive thyroid. The thyroid has the responsibility for regulating the body’s temperature, and malfunction can mean tiredness, weight gain, mood swings and thinning eyebrows. If you do have concerns, be sure to visit your doctor or health advisor to check them out.

Colour changes

Feet that are pale when you are sitting with them up, but get very red when standing could be telling you that there is a circulation issue. Your heart may be experiencing difficulty in pumping blood around your body. This could be because of several reasons – a common one is a hadening of the arteries.

Toe Nails

Nails which are hard, yellowish and ragged looking can indicate a fungal infection. Until given the green light by your doctor, it’s best to wear clean socks at all times – including in bed – in order to minimize spreading a possible infection. Indented nails, especially when combined with persistent tiredness and fatigue may be an indication of anaemia. Speak to your doctor.


Feet swell during the day, so when choosing new shoes it is wise to shop in the afternoon or evening. This way you will have a more comfortable fit that will ensure your feet and body stay healthy.

Poorly fitting shoes can easily cause foot pain and may lead on to muscular, skeletal and postural problems. Feet that are persistently swollen (known as oedema or edema) may be a sign of high blood pressure (hypertension), especially if accompanied by coldness and a tingling sensation.

Other health difficulties that swollen feet may indicate include diabetes, edema and obesity.

If the above is not responsible then self-help options include regular exercise, reducing salt intake while ensuring you drink enough water, not standing in one place for extended periods and not overusing laxatives.

Cracked heels

A thickening of the skin around the heel area or red flaky skin under the heel can lead to cracks and fissures.

Often the culprit may be poorly fitting or open backed shoes or standing for extended periods of time, however cracked heels may also be symptomatic of diabetes, psoriasis, obesity or flat feet.

Burning feet

A feeling of burning and stinging within the feet, often accompanied by swelling and redness, can be a symptom of long term alcohol abuse and liver damage, thyroid issues, kidney damage or simply a material that irritates the skin.

Foot Rashes

Rashes on the foot may be caused by a number of things from heat rash or an insect bite to sexually transmitted infections. It’s possible to eliminate the more common possibilities by daily washing and thoroughly drying your feet and wearing properly fitting shoes, socks and tights etc.

If you have any concerns about your feet’s condition, then it would be wise to visit your doctor or medical practitioner who can advise you.

Feet is just one thing. There are more to take good care of ourself, especially our EYES~


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