Amazing, yet Terrible!

A usual day in last month, I surpassed one of the visions I failed to react everytime when they came, for the first time. And then it continues for some of the rest.

Alhamdulillah… Amazing!

But in real life, even a little success has its sacrifices. And for that success, without knowing it I let my most precious gift from HIM fall down greatly. Nearly thrown away all of them out.

Astaghfirullah… it was Terrible!

Just like an honour, you can’t wait till somebody give it away for you… but you must earn it by yourself! I need to get it back, and I need reinforcements.

What are they?
A Cable?
Power Amplifier?

No… I need a continuous white dots splashing onto my heart! Until this reign of darkness fade away, until my eyes flooded again!


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