Friendly Reminder

About 10 years ago, my little friends once asked me a strange question, “How do you know that?”. I replied, “Know what?”. Then they explained…  but I couldn’t get what were they talking about. Even the teachers said I am different at certain time. Since I don’t remember anything different at all, we just let it go.

Five years after that, it happened again. Random, but often and longer. Only at that time, I realized… something was different. Even when the counselor wanted me to tell what was it… I can’t because I also didn’t know. Until one day, when someone got hurt!

I checked, I searched every possible cause. It turns out that it was really me. Not even think that I have MPD (or DID). The above two incidents was the first two, but they’ were not the same . Why “first two”? Because they said, I might (they were not sure) have another one, it means I have three other ‘me’ resting inside. They predicted the last ‘me’ would likely calm as normal, but cannot control what ‘he’ will do.

Immediate precautions had been taken.  It took about two months for me to seal ‘them’ from going out. It worked, with no guarantee how long it could hold.

Now another five years had past. I know, soon enough, ‘he’ will come out once more. I don’t know when, I don’t know where, I don’t even know who it will be. I just don’t want anything bad happen. So please… if you see ‘me’ acting not like me at all, get away very very very far from my side!

sila berwaspada!


4 comments so far

  1. ida on

    dr jeckyll and mr hyde :p

    • amel036yippee on

      mungkin serupe tapi bilangan tak sama… 😦

  2. Zinnirah Al Jannah on

    Scary! 😀

    • amel036yippee on

      you’re scary too!
      how can you get scared, with big smiling face?

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