kena siapkan

kena siapkan

Masuk sudah minggu keempat. Semester ini sangat sibuk. Dengan 5 subjek sebagai cabaran utama, jadual yang disusun telah tersedia padat. Ditambah lagi dengan 9 makmal yang  perlu dihadiri… (tak datang kosong la markah). Tapi itu belum cukup, ada lagi… iaitu assignment. Yaa… assignment kali ini sangat mencabar kemahiran kami membahagikan masa setiap hari. Sudah sedia maklum, sebagai “teletubbies” assignment kami tidak sah kalau tiada “perkakasan” & “perisian”. Heheh! Korang mesti tak paham dua benda tuh…. Benda tu biasanya korang panggil “hardware” & “software”. Di sebalik 2 benda tadi, kesemua assignment kali ini ditambah satu perkara lagi… iaitu… laporan! Ya, betul! Kami perlu menyediakan proposal & laporan penuh untuk setiap assignment. Secara ringkasnya, di bawah adalah review assignment setiap subjek :

** Mulai sini, akan dialih bahasa ke bahasa Inggeris (saje tanak terjemah BI ke BM sebetulnya)

1. Communication Electronics

The objective of this group assignment is to design and build a phase-locked loop (PLL) frequency synthesizer using a PLL integrated circuit (IC) such as 74HC4046. The minimum required synthesizer’s specifications are as follows.

Frequency range: up to 10 MHz or better

Output voltage range: 0 to 5 V

The final prototype should be in the form of printed circuit board (PCB) at least. Other specifications are at students’ discretions. A technical report is to be submitted together with the prototype. The report should contain but not limited to discussions on the theory, the design, and the evaluation, of the prototype.

2. Embedded System Design

The project is 10% of your course grade. The project is meant to give students the opportunity to explore topics which are of interest to them. The project titles are proposed by the students. The complexity of each project will be moderated by the instructors; projects that are deemed to be too easy may be rejected.  The  marks  are  given  based on hardware, firmware, demonstration and questions posed by instructors. Each team member should be prepared to answer questions related to his/her contribution to the project. Since this is a senior level design course, guidance from the instructors will be limited, depending on the difficulty of the proposed titles and also the time available.

3. Engineer and Society

a) Blogging

The main aim for this course is to expose the students to the history of science and technology, issues of the impact of technology on development and environment, issues of engineering in the Malaysian context, the engineering profession, the code of ethics and professionalism. In order to encourage student to pay more attentions on their surrounding, friends, society, country or even global issue, as the same time to allow them to express themselves in writing, this blog assignment is introduced in this trimester. (In every 10 days, you must have one post, 3 different comments for other students’ post. Else, ZERO marks).

b) Written Research

Students are required to produce a term project, building upon and complementing the material covered in class. You will be working with other class members (Max 5 students and Min 2 Students in a group) as part of a team. You must form a team consist of members only from the same lecture group. Teams will be formed in first week, in plenty of time for you to meet, plan, and work with other members of your team. Some tutorial class time may be set aside for team meetings.

Projects must culminate with the submission of the following:

1.  A project proposal,

2.  A final written report, presentation materials and

3. A soft copy of the above materials and all the references materials burn into CD/DVD.

Coming soon…

4. Digital Signal Processing

Has not come out yet, but have been told that it consist of two part. First part, answer the questions given. Second part, by using the answers from the first part, simulates a program using MATLAB.

5. Mobile and Satellite Communications

Do not have any info about this…

Conclusion : NO games this semester… (*-*)


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  1. iDa on

    xleh memain weh sem ni. mau pecah otak.haha

  2. amel036yippee on

    buleh je nak memain… tapi akibat kemudian tanggung sendiri la~

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